The alarm bell rings
in your head,

The cold hot sweat.
The fear comes but you know you’ll be fine.

Your heart is beating
to a rhythm that you are unsure of.
Your stomach is uneasy
like butterflies and tadpoles are swimming in it.

Your brain feels like it is about to explode.
38.7 is not a good number
The jacket seems useless.
The cold, the back arching cold is too much too handle.


Despite all of this you’re
the only thing on my mind.
The pain, the slow walk down the stairs, the escape, they all
seem like an opportunity.

The coughing,
the loud hollers of discomfort.
If only you knew they were a calling for you.

Deep breathes.
Inhaling, exhaling have become too much.

Nothing new though,
breathing is a lot harder when you are around.

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