Leaving on a Jet Plane

Being on a jet plane
yet alone a plane
were beyond my wildest imagination.

You should have unraveled the
missing puzzle by now.

I’m not one who runs away
nor forsakes responsibilities.

You were right,
people do change.
Don’t hold it against me.
I was never patient enough,
I still ain’t.

I took matters into my own hands,
just like you said I would
just like you said I shouldn’t;
just like I promised I couldn’t.

You were right,
promises were meant to be broken.

you were the bad guy
and I, the good guy.
Indeed, there are two sides to a coin.
The same with people.

I remember your whispers,
like shouts from high-rises
about the things you could do for me.
About how you would, for me, dig through mud with your bare hands.

The time has come,
a well full of mud awaits you.


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