May 21 – 27, 2023 | Little Sparks #3

I hope it’s a good day where you are.

This week’s newsletter is short. The week flew away – I felt like a leaf constantly being flown away by the breeze when I tried to settle down.

I read:

Foster by Claire Keegan
4 stars

It was a short book, more so a short story.

The readers are exposed to the mind of a young girl as she has realised that she has been given into the care of a couple (that has lost their child) by her father because her mother is soon to give birth. Yet while she stays with this couple, wondering if she has been abandoned, she realised that they are more affectionate and caring towards her than her parents. So when it’s time for her to return home, she feels pretty disappointed.


Here’s wishing you a better week next!

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