May 28 – Jun 3, 2023 | Little Sparks #4

I had a pretty busy week, so I didn’t read much.

However, today has been the best Sunday in a long time. Being outside in the Sun has many wonders. 🙂

Here’s the book highlight for this week:

Invisible Boy: A Memoir of Self-Discovery by Harrison Mooney
4 stars

This book’s core is a story of belonging and searching for belonging. The author touches on many sensitive issues, so several trigger warnings: racism, death, suicide (ideation), molestation, abuse, etc. While reading, I was reminded of certain incidents/experiences I read from Uncultured: A Memoir by Daniella Mestyanek Young and Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese.

One of my favourite phrases from the book was, “Whiteness has all of us speaking in tongues”. I think it speaks true for most people of colour as they try to navigate spaces not originally designed for them and find a sense of belonging.

I finished the book questioning my decision to live where I do. Often, violence is perpetrated under the disguise of aid/help.

See you again next week!

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