Nowdays, we people tend to miss the small yet important things in life
We sometimes take them for granted and let them slip away from our sight

It’s the way we have grown up in this materialistic world
If it doesn’t shine or it’s not overly large we just miss it and think that it’s not important enough

Everyday we come to school and the gates are already opened for us but it has never crossed our minds who open the school gates early in the morning
It has never crossed our minds who ensures that the school is safe and nothing has happened the night before
We dont even know who cleans that 1st level toilets

These people wake up everyday with a smile on their faces even though they are dead tired because they know that they are helping others, a whole new generation with a great environment that enables them to achieve their dreams

We don’t even consider that
We don’t help at all, we litter, make a mess and not care
While they are cleaning we step on the wet floors

Its okay, they can do it again
After all they get paid
We don’t bother how much effort they put in to do those small yet important tasks that we take for granted

The funny thing is that they don’t complain and continue to help us

Its time we learnt from them~

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