A letter to your heart

This is probably the last time
I’ll get to write to you or anybody for that matter.

Unlike most people,
When they find out that they are going to die
They don’t lie in bed and wait for it to happen.

Well, I guess I’m different.
Always have been, you would know.
I don’t have anything I need to do before I die,
I have already accomplished my bucket list and
I most definitely don’t have any regrets
So why not?

You however young lad,
You haven’t lived till 90
There’s no reason for you to be depressed.

I have lots to tell you, really but not enough words to say everything.
That’s the problem, I don’t have the words to show you how much I love you.
To show you what a blissful life you have allowed me to live.
To show you the hardship that I’ve been able to overcome.
To show you how I don’t wish for more time but that you have the best time during your days.

This isn’t a letter for your brain.
It’s for your heart
It’s going to act as a remedy, you have to let it

There is nothing left for me to say.
A part of live is figuring it out oneself.


Teacup Love

Believe me, I’m not one who believes in love at
first sight, don’t got get me wrong
I had a base, a perfect match, who was made for me, in China as they say my eyes caught your’s like a flying saucer-or, you stole my heart.

You were elegant and fragile and not to mention from a foreign land across the seas and beyond the deserts. Chills were sent down my handle when he tried to fit us together ensuring that we were secure. I chattered, a kiss has never felt so good

I wanted to stare at
your golden brown locks that were on your white crystal skin all day. Without you, hot tea in me would have felt so wrong, too wrong and too cold to appreciate You were the base of this relationship and I was the top. Like a teacup and saucer in a china cupboard we went well together. People tasted me all the time and you never got jealous of that. I was always used to a twice a day relationship but with you I took all the time
Like a pedal of a flower, bits of me were plucked away still you didn’t mind.

He took you and admired you, making sure you were crystal clear so the Sun could be seen in your eyes. He scanned you, turning you around to be accurate He loved you, he really did!
I could see it in his eyes as he held me inches away from you but which felt like there was a wall to high to be climbed.

Like an instinct I felt,
no I knew that you were unsafe. It was in your eyes, you told a story so important to be spoken about. I could see misery, hurt and betray in all that you were. From his buttery fingers you came crashing to the floor breaking into a thousand pieces. His eyes were filled with anger and I came tumbling to the ground with my hopes and dreams But dreamers often lie.

A piece of me took his foot hostage
Still no pain on him could have brought you back

It was over.
My love from china, gone.