An Endless Love For The Sky

I look up at you, while you look down at me.
We’re so far, yet so near.
We stretch across so many countries,
You could say our love is worldwide.

The only problem is that,
We can’t meet in between.
I have too many buildings and roots to hold
While you have clouds and stars which you can’t leave.

Every two days, you send evidence of your misery for
Not being down with me.
Sometimes, when you hurt too much, areas get flooded.
Deep down, I know they are attempts to wash away
The duties I have,
Attempts which deep down you know never will.

Every day when you wake up, you have that golden glow
In your eyes- it’s love at first sight.
For me, it’s love at first light.

When you’re tired and decide to close your eyes,
I still stare at you.
I’m not lying when I say you look wonderful in your
Sleep, almost picture perfect like the night sky you are.

Baby, I hope this love of ours never dies.
It’s known to be sacrificial, yet beneficial.
After all, we hold the World as one.
Now, no matter what,
I wish you always keep that twinkle in your eyes.

It’s what keeps me going.

Teacup Love

Believe me, I’m not one who believes in love at
first sight, don’t got get me wrong
I had a base, a perfect match, who was made for me, in China as they say my eyes caught your’s like a flying saucer-or, you stole my heart.

You were elegant and fragile and not to mention from a foreign land across the seas and beyond the deserts. Chills were sent down my handle when he tried to fit us together ensuring that we were secure. I chattered, a kiss has never felt so good

I wanted to stare at
your golden brown locks that were on your white crystal skin all day. Without you, hot tea in me would have felt so wrong, too wrong and too cold to appreciate You were the base of this relationship and I was the top. Like a teacup and saucer in a china cupboard we went well together. People tasted me all the time and you never got jealous of that. I was always used to a twice a day relationship but with you I took all the time
Like a pedal of a flower, bits of me were plucked away still you didn’t mind.

He took you and admired you, making sure you were crystal clear so the Sun could be seen in your eyes. He scanned you, turning you around to be accurate He loved you, he really did!
I could see it in his eyes as he held me inches away from you but which felt like there was a wall to high to be climbed.

Like an instinct I felt,
no I knew that you were unsafe. It was in your eyes, you told a story so important to be spoken about. I could see misery, hurt and betray in all that you were. From his buttery fingers you came crashing to the floor breaking into a thousand pieces. His eyes were filled with anger and I came tumbling to the ground with my hopes and dreams But dreamers often lie.

A piece of me took his foot hostage
Still no pain on him could have brought you back

It was over.
My love from china, gone.

Mr Cool Back

Supp peeps! It’s me, the back seat.
A.K.A Mr Cool Back
get the gig?

Some of ya guys may not know me
Not a surprise, expected that
ya may be fist bump related with
that lame bimbo, Mr Awesome Front

A name like that could be thought of in a minute of two
Enough about that three year old and on to me
I wanna lay down some facts here,
Imma ladies man Uh…hmm..
He got all up in my skin, thinking he could handle my buisness
stealing my gurls

He bets this song is about him doesn’t he? Well nah,
to all ya ladies out there when
ya get on a car and what do you do?
ya slam your bag to the back and ya seat at the front
ya don’t think imma get K.O? Uh…hmmm…

To those guys out there
after eating your junk food in the car
where do ya ‘dispose’ them
ya guys don’t think I ain’t gonna look polish, no more
talk about some real gentlemen, Uh…hmm…

So guys what I’m asking for just some R.E.S.P.E.C.T
Now could have Mr Awesome front done that?

PEACE out yo!