Goodbye 2017

Dear poetryandproze family,

In a few hours, shall turn 5 years old! Wow! It feels like just yesterday when I started the blog.

I would like to give a big thank you to the followers who have joined since the beginning, and have continued to be great supporters. Equally, I am very appreciative of those who have recently joined the family 🙂

I shall continue to be creative, and challenge my writing. I hope that my work so far, especially this past year has allowed you to experience the beauty and power of stories. Likewise, I hope that I have opened you to Spoken Word Poetry, and its ability to teach and inspire.

This year, I started the ‘Little Sparks’ section where I upload book reviews. I haven’t been very satisfied with the progress, and it shall be an area I improve in the coming year.

2018 shall be a very busy year for me, with my final IB exams approaching. I cannot say for sure, how active I shall be on the blog. However, in the later half of the year, do stay tuned, for many more exciting book reviews, different types of poetry, and maybe even poetry in various forms.

I hope that 2018 becomes your best year yet! I wish you great health, and much joy in everything you do! The best is yet to be 🙂

With much love,


I wish

I wish
cries were heard,
blood wasn’t shed,
and sweat was cleared.
I wish
air was fresh,
lands were vast,
and smiles weren’t green.
I wish
betrayal wasn’t norm,
windows weren’t fragile
and happiness was free.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! 🙂

I am Rosa Parks

There’ve been many before myself.
Brave women who decided they would not allow themselves
To be pushed around.
However, it is me
They call me a heroine.
A term I do not deserve more the others.

‘That’s the lady who dared’

I hear my name in whispers around corners,
As people squeeze themselves in small cars,
And take long walks to workplaces and schools.

I have never felt more overwhelmed.
To see a community stand tall, strong and proud as one
regardless of colour?

There should not be glory in standing up for oneself.
However, if it is what shall move the nation,
I shall gladly allow it.

For the right to speak one’s mind, should be a right for all.

The fire has been lit and it shall keep burning.
We shan’t stop
Until we can all walk hand in hand, as one
And sit side by side, as one.

In remembrance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott that began on 1st December 1955 (-1956) after the arrest of Rosa Parks that very day.