Welcome :)


My name is Ayodele-Oja, Temidayo Olayide, the heart behind poetryandproze .

I created the website with the intention to share my passion for real-life experiences, issues, stories and story-telling, especially through poetry. I also wanted the opportunity to keep my poems alive and to hone my skills.

I explore poetry because I believe it’s a fun and mesmerising art, that helps us figure out this complicated puzzle we call life. My favourite form of poetry, is spoken word poetry because it’s a combination of poetry and performance.

Over the years, I have included essays and book reviews I have written to the blog in order to stretch my writing abilities and thinking skills.

I do hope with poertyandproze , you stumble upon the beauty of story-telling, and fall hopelessly in love with poetry and critical thinking.

P.S Do follow the blog, like, and give comments 🙂 Likewise at goodreads.com/poetryandproze.

You may contact me at poetryandproze@outlook.com & support the blog by tipping to PayPal: poetryandproze@outlook.com! Your support is strongly appreciated!

P.S.S Everything here is written by me otherwise stated.

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