Book Review: Death on the Nile

Title: Death on the Nile

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Pages: 333 pages

Level of difficulty: 3/5 Dictionaries

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Brief Introduction:

Linnet Ridgeway, a young, stylish and beautiful girl has been shot through the head during a cruise along the Nile. The passengers are all close acquaintances of hers, so who is the murderer?


This was my first time reading Agatha Christie’s book even though I have watched and enjoyed several of her movies (including the adaptation of this book). However, the book was quite disappointing. I could guess the murder, although I was not sure how they did it. In addition, the other characters were not as interesting (and as such their motive in the murder was not as clear nor believable). Nevertheless, I will definitely pick up another of her books! 

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