Pen VS Arrow

A timely piece with all the political and military tension all over the world. 

In response to Sidney Keyes’s “War Poet”

“War Poet” is a simple poem which I believe Sidney Keyes used to show that he did not fit in on the battle field and that it was against his decision to be there in the first place. I believe it is also his interpretation of what happens when War and Poetry mix together- the risk of insanity and thus his wasted potential. “Pen VS Arrow” plays with the two possible decisions Sidney could have made along with the difficulties of both decisions hence hoping to bring to light the difficulty of war.

All my life, my pen has been my protector.

I wasn’t one who knew how to really use anything else.

I never believed that anything could defend me better than words –which I used as armor.

So, imagine the confusion I was faced with when I found out some had used a pen to uproot the lives of others and forgone it as a protector.

Trust upon me was the decision to be like all men my age and dawn on courage for the sake of my country, the future of its people and ultimately peace.

Trust upon me was the fact that such a decision could lead to my death and hence the death of a man for a cause he did not wholeheartedly believe in or better still in which its solution, he did not wholeheartedly believe in.

Trust upon me was years of rehabilitation, the possibility of insanity and thus lost potential.

Yet on the other side,

Present was the decision to abandon my country when she and my people needed me most and the weight of the guilt.

Present was also the opportunity to grow as a writer but also the threat of insanity due to the guilt that would scratch my doors.

Will my pen help me see to the end of this problem?

Only the dead have seen the end of war.